Saturday, March 31, 2012

We're a good team.

Greg and I reached some parenting milestone last night. We organized our first t-ball practice. Greg is the coach. I'm his administrative assistant. I was expecting chaos, but, really, it wasn't chaotic. While Greg has coached older kids on a baseball team before, he's never coached little ones who are just beginning. Thankfully, I can organize most anything, especially make a spreadsheet of everyone's information and practice times. Our assistant coach has a daughter who has played before, so that experience is helpful too.

We make a good team.

And these kids seem to make a good team.

Not good like they're going to hit homeruns. But good like they listened and played and acted like they wanted to come back next week. And, actually, they won't be hitting homeruns off the tee because there are some special t-ball rules.

No outs, for one. And they'll run one base at a time as their teammates take turns hitting.

I'm guessing they'll all get trophies at the end of the season, which is another blog for another time. But, I have to say quickly, that's so not life. Not everyone wins all of the time. You're not always the best. There's usually someone better. And there's almost always someone worse. And in the real world we all have to get along. With and without trophies.

Yeah, so, t-ball.

Seeing those kids {like a herd} go after the ball was adorable and hilarious. And I'm guessing those adjectives will apply to many other moments this season. But it's going to be fun.

For the kids.

And for us.

Something about coaching and participating in t-ball makes me realize we entered a new phase of parenting. And, truthfully, I'm excited to be here. If Ben wants to play as badly as he did when I delivered the news it was Cate's t-ball practice and he'd have to wait to play, then we'll be in this season for awhile. Pulling up the bleacher seat and staying awhile is fine by me. Trust me, my husband believes he can coach anyone in anything. And he'll try to legitimately win a trophy in the process.


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Friday, March 30, 2012

My boy today

It's not always easy keeping my boy clean or still.

Really, that's oversimplifying why mothering a boy  -- well, my boy -- has challenged me in so, so many ways. But, you know, I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world, not even a quiet, slow-moving, always-obedient boy.

Because that boy wouldn't be Ben.

And Ben is fun. (And, yes, sometimes fun is exhausting. But, still, we rest, and we do it all over again the next day.)

Today included a really fun party at the park to celebrate spring. My dear friend Courtney planned it. There were 39 (I think ...) kids there ranging in ages. I heard multiple moms of 2-year-old kids say, "Where is she?" "Where did he go?" "Anybody seen ... ?"

Perhaps I was one of those moms once. Or twice. Or maybe even more times. The great thing was more than once when I momentarily lost track of him he was either in the tunnel on the playground or swinging with my best friend or brother-in-law pushing him. See, that's a small-town perk right there.

He keeps me on my toes, I'm telling you. Please remember my first-born child is a girl. And she's so, so much like me.

But back to Ben. Today.

Pretty sure this is the first time Ben has painted. I don't even let him color with washable markers yet.

Painting was serious business for him. Yes, he tried to eat the paint, evident by the pink paint near his mouth. He later planted a sunflower seed in the pot.

Eating came later. Of course, he made a mess then too.

I found myself wondering why I dressed my always-on-the-move boy in a shirt that helped him blend in with the trees. Note to self: Dress boy in bright orange when we go to the park.

Ben liked dumping the rice and beans on his head. Of course, it's not every day there is a bucket of rice and beans available to play with, even if that means spilling them intentionally on yourself.

And he tried to impress Caroline. She eventually laughed. Word is her mom found rice in her diaper later.

Ben has been excited about t-ball, which has been happening in our backyard a few evenings recently. Conveniently, he got a baseball glove of his own for his birthday four months ago {Thanks, Kim!} so we did have that going for us. But I knew he would be heart broken when he realized he'd have to watch Cate play t-ball and not actually play t-ball.

I was right.

This was Ben tonight at Cate's first t-ball practice. Greg is the coach, so he and Cate were out on the field with the team. Ben was so sad not to be with them. Yes, he's holding his glove, like it's toddler speak for "Put me in, Coach!" Really, he was saying, "Daddy! T-ball! Daddy! T-ball!" through his sobs.

Sad, I know.
He eventually regrouped, drank from his sister's water bottle, ate some Teddy Grams, and kept his glove close. What else is a boy to do when it's not his turn to play? My boy isn't cut out for the sidelines. He likes to be {at least part of } the action.


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On, on, U of K ...

I was 16 months old and already a Kentucky fan.

You've heard me talk much about the Racers this basketball season. Unfortunately, they aren't playing anymore. But my other favorite team is.

Perhaps you've heard. Kentucky is playing Louisville in the first of the two Final Four games on Saturday night. Perhaps you've been living under a rock and you have no idea. But, if you care, I'll be wearing blue for the occasion. If you know me even a little, this isn't a surprise.

But there may be someone asking: But didn't she grow up near Louisville?

Why, yes, I did. Actually, I lived 16 years plus three summers just 26.9 miles from the University of Louisville. The Big Blue rival was a little farther {82.9 miles} to the east. But here's the thing: My parents both went to UK. Dad played football there from 1968-72 and Mom probably helped him with some of his classwork. They both graduated from there and shortly after secured season football tickets. Football, I know. But sometimes they did take me high into the rafters up Rupp Arena to watch basketball.

I know the UK fight song too.

In 1997, I enrolled in Murray State University. I was ready to move farther than 82.9 miles away, yet I did my parents a favor and stayed in the state. You know, tuition is enough as it is. UK was my back-up school. But I liked Murray State. And there was a journalism program at this school I was just learning about so far in western Kentucky that it's as closer to Tennessee, Illinois and Missouri's capitals than it is to Frankfort.

I adopted the Racers. Eh, maybe they adopted me.

But I never let go of the Wildcats. We even went to the Final Four last year to root on the blue and white.

Admittedly, this year was different for me, even as Wildcats stayed atop the national polls. I watched some games on TV. I knew the players, and even developed opinions about them like any good fan. I read stories and kept up with the team. But I was whole-heartedly invested in my Racers, who also only lost on regular-season game.

We have season Murray State basketball tickets. {Well, we have football too, but this is about basketball right now.} I have pictures of my young kids in Racers shirts, like me in my Wildcats one above. My daughter's crush on a player is shaping her love of basketball. And I have a son who thinks anything involving a ball is worth watching, although, yes, he'd rather be the one with the ball. We went to the OVC Tournament and followed the Racers to the Big Dance. And I really didn't want their season to end.

But basketball isn't over. {Hold on, baseball, I'm coming to you soon.} The Wildcats  -- the team I've watched my whole life -- are still playing. And they're playing a team whose arena is a mere 73.5 miles away in front of a charged national audience. It's not just their regular-season proximity. There also history and competition and stories that drive this rivalry.

And I have no hesitations for whom to cheer, even if I did just for a minute have some compassion for Rick Pitino after reading Rick Reilly's column. Forgive me. Reilly is a long-time favorite writer of mine. That's rooted in my childhood too. When my dad's copy of Sports Illustrated would come in the mail, I'd turn to the back first and read Rick Reilly. The way he tells stories drew me into sports and helped make me a fan.

I even already had a team. And that team is still playing basketball. Oooohhhh ... C-A-T-S! Cats! Cats! Cats!


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On the dock

My kids have a new hobby, thanks to their daddy.

Greg likes to fish. I like to take pictures of the fishing or sit nearby and read a book. But, admittedly, I love that my kids are picking up the poles, waiting patiently for a bite, and even touching worms. One of the perks of buying a house on Kentucky Lake is the dock that came with it. I've been working on getting the inside of the house ready so we can {hopefully!} rent it this summer. Meanwhile, my family has been hanging out on the dock.

Dark clouds, sparkly shoes, and a well-spinning skirt don't even stop my girl from fishing. Yes, she does have a pink princess rod. But it seems to be lucky. Last week it caught five fish while the more adult rods didn't catch any. Or as Cate said, "I caught five fish and everybody else {Gran-Gran, Daddy, Ben} caught zero."

Yes, so, she's a little competitive too. Like her daddy in any sport.

{This isn't her first time fishing. I liked looking back on some posts, so I thought you might too. Summer 2009. Summer 2010. Spring 2011.}

And then there's Ben. He's fearless and eager in most any situation. And, of course, he wants to do whatever his big sister is doing. So he's been fishing some with the pink princess rod. {A Lightning McQueen rod has been ordered. I do realize he's a boy!} He's been surprisingly cautious on the dock, but he wears a life jacket, just to make sure his eagerness and fearlessness don't take him in the water.

Yes, lake, we like being near you. We'll be back soon.


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Friday, March 23, 2012

I've been thinking ...

I keep thinking about blogging. 

Of course I'm also thinking about furnishing a three-bedroom lake house we are trying to get ready to rent. It's coming together. And there's more to come. Like pictures. Hopefully the pictures (and location!) will make people want go rent it this summer. 

What's that? You're planning a vacation to western Kentucky? You'd like to stay on Kentucky Lake? Really? That's awesome. I'll have some pictures and information on a website for you. Soon

I've also been thinking about our adoption. No news, really. But I'm still thinking. I got things rolling yesterday for an adoption grant through our church. Meanwhile, our home study is ready. We just need a birthmom. 

I've also been thinking about how I had no idea how volunteering my husband as a t-ball coach would affect me. I should have know. Apparently I just wasn't thinking then. But this week I've called and emailed all the parents on the 4- and 5-year-old Diamondbacks. (And for the record, I just Googled "tball" because not know how to write it was driving me nuts. "Tee ball" doesn't work for me. But the "t-ball" option does.)

There's lots to think about there. I bought Cate a pink glove yesterday when Ben and I were shopping for some lake house items. He was excited about it and kept saying "t-ball" as we walked around Walmart. I proceeded to explain to some men that the pink glove was for his sister. I wouldn't do that to my boy. 

My boy thinks he's going to play t-ball. He's going to be disappointed when he's on the bleachers. 

Like he is when we drop off Cate at school. He really wants to go. So, yeah, I've been thinking about school too. Greg and I decided we're going to send him to preschool/mother's day out a couple mornings a week next school year. 

I've been thinking about next year. Cate is going to kindergarten. And Ben's going to have a few hours of his own school time. Pretty sure I'll require the most adjustment go our new routine. Like setting an alarm. I haven't done that regularly in more than four years. I have these kids who have been my alarms. My boy knocks on his bedroom door every morning about 7. He's cuter than an alarm clock anyway.

But before kindergarten comes her 5th birthday. So I've been thinking about her party. And making invitations.  

So I've been thinking about blogging. And furnishing, marketing and renting a lake house. And adopting a baby. And helping coach a t-ball team. And schooling. And celebrating. And just plain living.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

{Racers} Game Two

Notice my UK shirt poking out from underneath ...
Our third-round tickets got us in to see our two favorite teams play in the NCAA Tournament, so all day I wore my UK shirt under my Murray State shirt. The plan was to take off the Racers shirt for the second game of the night. 

But Marquette beat my Racers 62-53 after I really thought my team was going to win. And I just couldn't take off my game-one shirt. 

I was sad. I was proud. 

Coach Prohm has led this team in his first year as a head coach in a way that makes me proud. As a parent, I love the way he encourages the players to be men with humble, generous character. As a fan, I appreciate the way he represents our town. As a person, I'm inspired. My heart was glad when I read he's staying in Murray.

And then there are the three seniors. They've won more games {104} than any other basketball class to come through tradition-rich Murray State. Donte Poole. Jewuan Long. Ivan Aska. You three will be missed but remembered. And we'll be glad to hear about the great things you do when you leave this place. And one of you helped my girl fall in love with basketball.

Junior Ed Daniel played the best game I'd seen from him. He was tough and big and steady and focused. Even with Big East Player of the Year Jae Crowder crowding the lane. And, folks, he's coming back. Hopefully star Isaiah Canaan will too. 

Big Blue Nation -- awaiting the #1 Wildcats -- hoped on the Racers' bandwagon for awhile. I've seriously never heard so many people cheer for Murray State. Maybe those Kentucky fans just remember too much about Dwayne Wade. Maybe they appreciated the talent from a fellow Bluegrass school. Whatever the motivation, UofL's home was rockin' for the Racers. 

Admittedly, I even briefly contemplated how to make a trip to Phoenix work. I thought my Racers were going to the Sweet Sixteen for the first time. 

So when they didn't win and Marquette went on a game-clinching run, I couldn't take off my MSU shirt. I couldn't trade the navy blue for the royal blue. Not yet. I wasn't ready. 

Meanwhile, my favorite Wildcat -- Darius Miller -- was playing a fabulous game. And my least favorite -- Marquis Teague -- was showing me why Coach Calipari recruited him and starting to win me over. I saw famous super fan Ashley Judd across the floor behind the UK bench. And I decided to take pictures. 

I grew up a Big Blue fan. I can list favorite Cats. I went on a crazy, quick road trip to Houston last year because I thought those Cats could win it all. I'm a UK fan. 

Yet my alma mater stole my heart. 
We have season tickets and I put the games on my calendar when the schedule is released. My friends know our social lives in the fall and winter revolve around the basketball games. It's been this way for years. This year started out no different.

But no basketball team ever has captured my heart like the 2011-12 Racers. So I wore my Murray State shirt the rest of the night. Even while I cheered for the Cats with the little energy I had left.


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

{Racers} Game One

Photo by Jeff Moreland

To say I was excited when Murray State was put in the Louisville site for the second and third rounds of the NCAA is an understatement. I told some people I was so, so excited and stinkin' excited. Those phrases don't even do it justice.

So, yes, we watched sixth-seeded Murray State beat Colorado State, an 11 seed, 58-41 earlier today. It was the first game of the real tournament (not counting those play-in games) and it was the first time the Racers have ever been the higher-seeded team.

That's just how this season has been. Full of firsts. Perhaps there will been thoroughly compiled list later.

But for now I'll just say the Racers (31-1) gutted out a win in an ugly game that included a disjointed offense but a respectable defense. And champions find ways to win.

And when your team wins, it keeps playing. That's what I told my 4-year-old girl who rooted on the Racers with us today. (My 2-year-old boy spent the day with Grandmom. See? Another perk of being in my hometown Louisville.)

Oh, and I'm a born and bred Kentucky fan. Being in the Yum! Center was an experience, especially since I didn't have to watch the Cardinals. My ticket Saturday will get me into see two games. Murray State will play Marquette. And Kentucky will be there too. Perhaps we can get Big Blue Nation to cheer for the navy blue team.

Just for 40 minutes.


I know for whom I'll be cheering. Like you see us doing in the photo above, pump your arms in the air and say, "R-A-C-E-R-S! Racers! Racers! Go Racers!"

(And much thanks to photographer Jeff Moreland for waving to me from the court and then later catching us in action. We worked together at the Richmond Register, where I was a reporter from 2002-03.) Want more? Subscribe to get "Insights" in your inbox. Or follow me on Twitter.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

making memories matters

Life gets busy. People move away, start careers, get married, move some more, and talk about getting together. Often time passes more and we still talk about getting together.

We got together.

And it was good.

The four of us were friends in college. You've heard me mention Jaclyn often because our lives have remained so intertwined the past 14 years. I'm so grateful for meeting her then and getting even closer the summer we both got married {going on 10 years!}. I'm blessed by the way God continued to weave our lives together when Greg and I moved back to Murray. We struggled to have families and then God blessed our two families with five kids in five years. Now our kids don't know life without each other.

We were so excited to get two of our other college friends back in Murray for at least a short time this past weekend. Kelly {that's her in the green on the left in the picture} and I actually went to high school together, but we really got to be friends while walking from college algebra to political science together my freshman year. She has transferred to Murray State from Western Kentucky. We both were new to Murray and found comfort in the familiar. Our friendship grew from there. Watching our kids, especially our 4-year-old girls, play together this weekend was so, so sweet. And Greg and I loved hanging out with her husband, Carlos.

I met Sarah {in the black on the right in the picture} the same night I met Greg. And then when he studied in Germany for four months after we'd only known each other six months, I befriended his friend Sarah. She's creative and funny and she's trying to publish a book while living in Chicago with her husband.

We aren't together enough, but being together was good.

Our kids had fun too ...

Jaclyn, Kelly and I combine to have seven kids, ages 5 (almost 6), 4 (going on 5), 4 1/2, 3 (nearly 4), two 2s, and 18 months. I told Sarah she was going to leave Murray either wanting kids now ... or never. They're entertaining, that's for sure.

We walked around campus, grilled out, talked, laughed, ate and ate some more, reminisced, played the Name Game and laughed some more on Saturday. Cate was happy for her first sleepover with a friend. She and Amilia went right to sleep in Cate's bunk beds, but apparently the sleepover chit-chat took place had some crazy-early hour on Sunday morning, when we had lost an hour of sleep, thanks to the time change.

Even so, memories were made.

On Sunday, Kelly, Jaclyn and I took our girls to see Disney Live's "Three Classic Fairytales." It was a well-done show with lots of glitter.

Being with the girls -- especially my girl -- was fun. The weekend reminded me how blessed we are to have a shared history that makes being together such a meaningful time and it all makes me look forward to the next time.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

She {hearts} #11

My girl has a crush on Donte Poole.

And, frankly, I think it's adorable.

She notices when his name is mentioned during a game and likes to watch him score. She was overwhelmed with emotion when he was named the MVP. She notices the number 11 -- like in the grocery store frozen food aisle -- and relates it to his jersey. She doesn't understand why he has to graduate and not play any more games in the CFSB Center.

Yet she was a nervous wreck when even thinking about meeting him. So much so, she hid behind Greg's leg during her first impromptu opportunity. I wasn't sure how it would go when I told her we could meet him at the Racer pairings party.

We got to Racer Arena yesterday afternoon and the line was already formed to meet the players. We stood it in and gave her periodic pep talks: "He's just a regular guy. A new friend. You are good at making friends." "He likes to meet kids. He'll be glad to see you." "Just say, 'Hi, I'm Cate.' and give him a five." Between the pep talks, I realized I didn't bring anything interesting to have the players sign. Good thing some newsprint team pictures were available for unprepared moms like me.

She got out "Hi" out and managed a five. She stood and painfully grinned for a picture with Donte. And then she moved on until she said Jewuan Long, who she also managed to meet, greet with a five, and stand in front of for another picture before proclaiming she was finished because she met her two favorite players.{Side note: She took both photos to share time at school today. And apparently she talked quite a bit about her experience. Crush material, I'm telling you.}

Meanwhile, Ben gave all the players fives and pounds.

And he wasn't responding to the players' interactions. He stuck his fist out and said, "Pound?" all the way down the table. The guys were good sports. They laughed. They high-fived. They pounded. 


The Racers are a sixth seed and play Colorado State at 12:15 p.m. {Eastern} Thursday in Louisville to open the NCAA Tournament. The game is on CBS, so you should tune it, even if it means taking a long lunch break, and root on the Racers.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

{Compassion} Help fix Fatao's heart

My kids will never go without. I fill the grocery cart with more than enough food each week. We go to see the doctor when we are sick and get medicine from the pharmacy when necessary. They get immunizations to protect them. They're surrounded by family and friends who would help and protect and love them through any circumstance.

Doesn't every child deserve that?

That's Fatao in the picture. He's 6 years old and his parents work hard to provide for him and his siblings who all live in Burkina Faso in a home made of rocks and mud. He likes playing soccer and riding bikes. When he grows up, he wants to be a mechanic like his brother.

But he needs heart surgery and his parents need help providing it.

Fatao was registered at the local church into Compassion International's Child Sponsorship Program in December 2010. The family had known Fatao had a heart problem since he was 1, but it was after seeing a cardiologist that Fatao's ventricular septal defect was confirmed. Basically, he has a hole in his heart.

For this surgery, Fatao needs to travel to India, which increases the cost and logistics required to repair his heart. The total cost of his surgery, including passport, visa, travel, the surgery itself and follow-up care, is $23,000.

This is more than Fatao's parents can provide. And India is farther than they can go.

But you can help.
  • GIVE money to help pay for Fatao's surgery.
  • SEND encouragement through letters for Fatao to read while he's apart from his family. 
  • FOLLOW his journey to healing. When people give financially online, they'll have a chance to write a letter.
  • PRAY for Fatao, his family and the medical team.
  • SPREAD the word. Compassion is using #Fatao on Twitter to help people follow along.
Consider how God wants you to be part of this journey to fix Fatao's heart. And together we'll watch God's Kingdom come near


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Monday, March 5, 2012

{Racers} The OVC's Greatest

I have a confession before I tell you about our weekend: I can't stop listening to this song ...

I know. It's an R&B song. And that's not what I usually listen to. But, seriously, I bought it on iTunes this afternoon and I have already listened to is six times. And that doesn't count the two times I listened on YouTube.

Here's the thing. "The World's Greatest" reminds of the Racers. 

In case you've been living in a cave that doesn't get ESPN, our Murray State Racers are 30-1. In fact, they were the first team to get 30 wins. Kentucky did it the next day. But, still, my small-town team is having a season we'll never forget. They're going dancin' in the NCAA Tournament, and we're rooting for a Louisville, Nashville or Columbus (Ohio) first-round site. Seriously, how fun would that be?!

So, back to our weekend. We went to Nashville. We had a peaceful, sunny drive down, but tornado sirens were going off when we got there. Instead of going to eat at Old Spaghetti Factory like we wanted to, we just went on the arena. We figured a concrete building was a safe place. Indeed. We ended up in the basement with other Racers fans.

She especially likes to cheer for Donte Poole, as evident by some of my tweets from the weekend:
  • Cate, 4, wanted to say hi to @yungdtae but she got shy. That's a picture I wish we'd gotten for all the times she calls him her favorite.
  • Cate is acting like a girl with a crush and grinning every time @yungdtae is mentioned or seen.
  • Even though my 4-year-old has no idea what a MVP is, she just got choked up when @yungdtae was recognized.
Commentary on sporting events is my favorite use for Twitter.

Anyway, back to Nashville. MSU played Friday in the semi-final round against Tennessee Tech and dominated, coming away with a 78-58 win.

There was much blue and gold there, especially Saturday when tornadoes were no longer a threat. Word is of the 6,600 fans, all but several hundred were MSU fans. It was the conference championship in the hometown of the other team. Yep. A little surprising, even conflicting with Tennessee State's spring break, but we'll take. it.

 And we'll take the win. 54-52. Whew, Racers. Way to play like champions!

OVC Champions! And I got to hear "The World's Greatest" for the second time after first hearing it on Senior Night.


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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Texas: Where everything is big. Even the excitement.

I lost count of how many times Cate told me she was excited to be going to Texas. There was a countdown on before we left. Understandable. Uncle Zac and Aunt Cassie really are that much fun. And there was talk of sleeping there three nights along the way. Plus flying is always fun, so more excitement ensured.

Once in Texas, we hung out with lots of animals and ate some delicious food. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of the food. But I'll tell you about it ... 
  • Riscky's Barbeque in Fort Worth -- The brisket was good, but the Texas fries were delicious. Seriously, why have I never had fries with jalapenos and onions dipped in ranch before?
  • Dodie's Seafood Cafe in Dallas -- I didn't want to stop eating. The blackened shrimp tacos were some of the best food I've ever eaten. 
  • Manny's Uptown Tex-Mex in Dallas -- Although the night before was the first time I've ever had any variety of fish tacos, I went with the tilapia tacos. And, again, I didn't regret it. At all. 
  • Whataburger in Dallas -- I know, not as unique. But still Texas.
So, yes, we did more than eat, though, believe it or not.

First activity was the Fort Worth Stockyards, where the kids saw longhorns, rode ponies that were ready to take a nap, fed goats, and saw a brief cattle drive. 

And then the next day we went to the Dallas Zoo. Because it's still technically winter, even though it doesn't feel like it in Texas or even Kentucky, admission was only $5 per person. And the giraffe exhibit alone was worth that. Seriously excellent. Really, the whole thing was nice. And my kids rode a camel.

Perhaps being a tour guide is in her future!
Or perhaps a fashion model. Notice her "matching" giraffe shirt.
"Hold tight," Ben kept saying. In fact, he's still saying it.

My kids adore Uncle Zac.
Being with Cassie and Zac in their new home was fun. Cate learned how to text emoticons to people. And Cassie braved the tire swing. Over and over. Around and around.

All the traveling was smooth. Ben thought he was big stuff having his own seat and all. I'm glad he liked it because we did have to pay for it. There was one inconvenience of having to be patted down by a TSA lady because my insulin pump created "anomalies" on the body scan. I don't I was even supposed to go through the body scan machine. But I believe the TSA guy failed to communicate to the other TSA guy and gal that I was wearing an insulin pump.

So I got patted down. And I couldn't touch my two carry-on bags or shoes.

I did not like it, no I didn't. The lady was trying to be nice ... as she felt my entire body. So annoying and unnecessary. And, hey, guess what? I only had insulin in my insulin pump and nothing else of question anywhere on me, if anyone was curious. Yep. That could have been determined by the regular metal detector and a wipe of my hands to make sure explosives weren't loaded into my insulin pump.

Meanwhile, my husband had both kids, the stroller, our other two carry-on bags, and two cups. The TSA lady had the nerve to say, "At least you're leaving him with all of that." Um, lady, all of that is my family. I'd rather be walking through the airport with them and all our stuff than having your hands all over me.
This picture is not posed. But, man, it's funny. Southwest, need models?
Have I mentioned I'm happy to have my sister and brother-in-law back in the United States? Cassie and I can text now. And we can take a long weekend to visit them. Trust me, it's exciting. Right, Cate?

And, yes, there are more pictures. Take a look.


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