Sunday, July 5, 2009

A really happy July 4th ...

[Just for the record, this is post 1,801. Seems like a fun number to point out.]

The Annual Taylor Fourth of July Gathering was moved to Kentucky Lake this year, thanks to Greg's aunt and uncle having a lake house and two jet skis. A pontoon boat also was rented for our enjoyment. Taylor family functions are always fun, but this one definitely tops my list.

And I even woke up with sore arms from tubing. Greg drove the jet ski that pulled the tube. Being thrown about the water while working to hold on to the tube was definitely the lake highlight of the day for me. Strange, I know.

Cate loved the pontoon boat and swimming in the lake ...

Greg was especially proud that his daughter liked to fish. And this was real fishing, not pretend fishing on our back porch that doesn't overlook a lake.
Cate caught that fish, by the way. As you can see, Daddy is proud.

And then we ended the day at Greg's parents' house in Tennessee, where the good fireworks aren't illegal. The following picture should be explained: While everyone else noticed a colorful fiery display coming closer than it should to the deck on which the women were sitting, I looked up and took a picture ...

There are many more pictures in a Facebook album. Go look here.

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