Sunday, January 28, 2007

happy anniversary ... sort of

Today is the anniversary of when I was diagnosed with diabetes three years ago. That's a strange anniversary to recognize, but let me tell you how much it's changed my life, mostly for the better. Seriously. For the better. I feel better. I know my body better. I am more aware of both this chronic disease as well as how it affects my body. Diabetes is among the greatest lessons I've had in surrendering control. Yes, I have to control the disease in terms of taking insulin, checking my blood sugar and keeping in mind how walking and sleeping, for example, affects these things. It's a process I continually have to manage. Key word: Manage. I don't expect to control the disease but I certainly manage it as responsibily as I can. What a lesson for a perfectionist!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Secret Garden for Cate

I just ordered this for Cate's room. I figured I needed some of it to pick the paint color and it make more financial sense to order the six-piece set because it was mostly what I wanted. I'm thinking I'll pull out the green for the walls and use the red for curtains and other accessories, including painting the rocking chair I have. Any input?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

cleaning & creating

This is how I spent some of my afternoon with football games as my company.




I plan to decorate my space soon. Today I just enjoyed being in it.

(SIDE NOTE: You'll recognize one of the pictures from this post.)

Meet the baby ...

We are planning to adopt this baby girl. She's due May 10. Her name is Catherine Anna and we'll call her Cate.

Long story somewhat short: My sister found out an 18-year-old girl she knows wanted to give her baby up for adoption and ended up putting us in touch with each other. This was right at Christmas. Details started to come together this past Wednesday and then Greg and I went to Bloomington, Ind., on Thursday to meet with the birthmother and see this amazing ultrasound. The birthmother is 25 weeks or so pregnant.