Sunday, January 21, 2007

cleaning & creating

This is how I spent some of my afternoon with football games as my company.




I plan to decorate my space soon. Today I just enjoyed being in it.

(SIDE NOTE: You'll recognize one of the pictures from this post.)


  1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I sometimes go to and search on keywords that interest me. Usually adoption related as I love to read adoption stories. Anything that you write in a blog can be found on the net-scary huh! Have a good night! Joanne

  2. your empire is looking good.

  3. I want a scrapbooking room!!!!!! I think I might boot Michael out of his upstairs room and do a transformation!

    Also, I need your help finishing Parker's scrapbook. It's that one that my cousin made for him, but I can't ever find time to put in the pictures myself so I figure if I recruit the scrapbooking queen to help me I just might get it done! BTW-Mila is sooo cute!!!!