Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let your kingdom come

Shaun Groves led worship at our church this morning. He played some of his own songs and some other worship songs. He made me laugh and think. And he told stories that made me want to give up Diet Dr Pepper, travel to Ethiopia, and sponsor a community of children.

I'm not sure if those exact things will happen, but I do know that his message that we are saved for something and not just from something really spoke to my heart. God's Kingdom is here. There are people in Ethiopia and India and down my street who need to know the Kingdom is coming to them. They need their daily bread.

And my kids need me to teach them the ways they should go. They need my kind, loving, consistent words, not my sighs of frustration. Of course they're acting like kids. They are kids. Part of teaching them the ways they should go is emphasizing thinking beyond our little family that has everything {and more than} we need. We've started to do that with Roselyn and Jean. And we'll continue to do it that way and in other ways.

Thankfully, 16 more kids are now sponsored through Compassion International, thanks to Shaun's encouragement and information on the ministry for which he sings. Those kids will know God's Kingdom is with them because their physical and spiritual needs will be met because someone decided to give up $38 each month for the well-being of someone else. Someone there, where there isn't enough. All because God's Kingdom is now.

{What? You want to sponsor one too? You can. Right from that chair in which you're sitting. Right now.}

Yes, we're saved from eternal death. But because we believe Jesus saves us means we are called to live our lives in ways that give God glory and make His Kingdom known. Here. There. Now.

‘Til the sword is spared
And the bread is shared
‘Til the dying’s done
Let your kingdom come
‘Til the rich ones give
And the poor ones live
‘Til the weak are strong
Let your kingdom come

Thank you, Shaun, for that reminder.

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  1. Hi Kristin, stopping by from Compassion International's webpage. I am so excited to read about Shaun coming to your church. We are in the preparation stage for Shaun coming to our church on March 4th! I can hardly wait! Thank you for sharing about the morning with Shaun.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Janelle! I hope your church is blessed as much as we were by Shaun's music and message.