Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet Jean

This is Jean Carlos Pacheco Mota. He's 10 and lives in Ecuador. And he's our second Compassion child. This sweet picture of him is hanging on our fridge next to Roselyn.

I was feeling led to sponsor a second child as God constantly reminded me how blessed my family is. Our kids live good lives. And we want to help other kids be blessed.

We picked Jean specifically because he shares a birthdate with Ben. Sponsoring these children through Compassion International changes us here in the rich United States. Roselyn's letters bring joy to my own 4-year-old girl's heart and I love seeming them hang on the fridge in the days after they arrive. I'm hoping to learn more about Jean soon.

Christmastime has reminded me to slow down and soak in the meaning of the season and, really, life. And that has absolutely nothing to do with ourselves but the people around us, even those we haven't met in person who live in countries much different than our own. I'm thankful God has provided {more than} enough for us here so we can help them there.

In the 15 months we've sponsored Roselyn, she's made a difference in my faith. I trust that will continue and I pray we make the kind of difference in the lives of Roselyn and Jean that point their hearts to God. And they can tell others, God did this for me.

Speaking of Roselyn, she started signing her letters to us "Mishell," which is her middle name, so although we're a bit confused about what to call her, we're happy to hear from her. She recently turned 5 and looks so grown up in the this new picture.

Cate -- who is just six months younger than her Guatemalan friend -- loves the pictures Roselyn draws on her letters to us and often answers with pictures of her own. Preschool aged girls definitely have similarities regardless of where they live.

Perhaps I can learn a little something about boys from Jean, whose profile says he likes group games, storytelling and bicycling. In my mind, he's a grown up version of my 2-year-old boy who is always on the move and plotting what to get into next.

May God bless you greatly so you can bless someone else -- this Christmas season and into the new year. Merry Christmas!

Plenty of children in other countries still need sponsors if you're able and willing to help. Compassion International also has ways to buy gifts to help families help themselves.

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