Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On the dock

My kids have a new hobby, thanks to their daddy.

Greg likes to fish. I like to take pictures of the fishing or sit nearby and read a book. But, admittedly, I love that my kids are picking up the poles, waiting patiently for a bite, and even touching worms. One of the perks of buying a house on Kentucky Lake is the dock that came with it. I've been working on getting the inside of the house ready so we can {hopefully!} rent it this summer. Meanwhile, my family has been hanging out on the dock.

Dark clouds, sparkly shoes, and a well-spinning skirt don't even stop my girl from fishing. Yes, she does have a pink princess rod. But it seems to be lucky. Last week it caught five fish while the more adult rods didn't catch any. Or as Cate said, "I caught five fish and everybody else {Gran-Gran, Daddy, Ben} caught zero."

Yes, so, she's a little competitive too. Like her daddy in any sport.

{This isn't her first time fishing. I liked looking back on some posts, so I thought you might too. Summer 2009. Summer 2010. Spring 2011.}

And then there's Ben. He's fearless and eager in most any situation. And, of course, he wants to do whatever his big sister is doing. So he's been fishing some with the pink princess rod. {A Lightning McQueen rod has been ordered. I do realize he's a boy!} He's been surprisingly cautious on the dock, but he wears a life jacket, just to make sure his eagerness and fearlessness don't take him in the water.

Yes, lake, we like being near you. We'll be back soon.


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