Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy birthday, Ben!

Three seems so old for you, my boy. But, honestly, I'm happy we're here. I say that every year, but, it's true. Watching you grow up as been an adventure all its own.

You're my Thanksgiving baby, but we celebrated your 3rd birthday a couple weeks early. From day one, you've kept me on my toes, challenged me in ways nobody else has, brought joy and exhaustion in the same moment with your constant energy, made me laugh, and reminded me God is faithful. I'm thankful for you, Ben.

You've always loved to be on the move. And you do still. You're curious, adventurous, fearless, messy and determined. You like sticks and rocks and dinosaurs and fire trucks and balls and movies. You were excited to go to preschool this year like your sister. You adore her, but she doesn't always understand that's why you're in her space and all over her plans. You rejoice when your daddy comes home, always including "Thank you Daddy come home" in your dinnertime and bedtime prayers that you insist upon praying. Learn from him, son. Your daddy is the best man I know.

Sure, some days are hard. But I'm glad all my days include you. You make friends quickly, laugh easily with the best laugh I know, love deeply and play hard. I've learned much from you and I'm certain you're going to impact the world around you for years to come. Being with you is always a fun ride.

I love you, Benjamin.

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