Monday, May 24, 2010

Ben @ 6 months

One-half of a year. Seriously. Already. [Officially, yesterday.]

And I'm happy to be here, honestly. I love watching Ben's personality develop as he learns to express himself. At six months, my sweet boy ...

* Likes to be on his belly.
* Still hasn't rolled from his back to his belly.
* Continues to sleep well at night and catnap during the day.
* Giggles. Often.
* Chews. Drools. Still trying to cut his first teeth.
* Started eating baby food a few days ago.

Speaking of baby food. Here is Ben eating some green beans ...

[For those of you into details, we go to the doctor tomorrow, so I can let you in on the details of his height and weight after the appointment.]


  1. You forgot one quality. He has one of the most contagious giggles that I have ever heard! Love that little man to bits!

  2. So he started teething at like 3 weeks of age (exaggeration, yes) but still nothing to show for it? Poor guy.