Friday, April 23, 2010

Ben @ 5 months

I told some friends Wednesday how uninterested Ben has been in rolling over then I laid him on his belly on a blanket. And what do you know ... he rolled over. Twice. From his belly to his back. Like he was a rolling over pro, even though it was his first time. Nice. I guess he just needed some friendly pressure because he's done it several times since. [Although he's still holding off on going from his back to his belly. One thing at a time, people!] That was two days before he officially was 5 months old. In addition to his new discovery that time on his tummy isn't so bad, Ben ...

* Sleeps 11 hours at night and takes 3-4 short naps during the day.

* Chews on anything. Surely a tooth will come through soon ...

* Giggles and screams happily often. Especially at Cate.

* Only used Prevacid for a couple weeks after starting it last month. He still spits up some, but less than we attempted medicine.

* Likes attention. I think that's the trait of a second-born child who often isn't alone!

* Is still called "my new brother" by Cate.

I'm telling you ...

... he's a happy guy ...

... who likes to chew. On anything.

Here are a couple more shots from this week ...


  1. HIS HAIR cracks me up! I'm glad I got to see him near his five-month birthday. He's such a sweetie!

  2. buddy! He's so sweet! Love the pictures!