Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ben @ 11 months

Ben seems to have grown up so much this past month. He's quicker, more observant and more expressive. At 11 months, Ben ...

* has eight teeth [four on top, four on bottom] and he's working on more.
* crawls quickly. Everywhere.
* wants to climb the stairs.
* high fives when he's in the mood.
* shakes his head "no" and seems to know what it means and what he's doing.
* waves and says "bye." He only does this when he wants, which is more often not on cue.
* loves fruit cocktail, beans of any kind, and pizza.
* is a messy, messy eater, which you can see above in the photo I snapped with my iPhone during dinner earlier this week.
* tolerates a sippy cup and really loves his bottle.
* drinks whole milk sometimes. I'm nearing the end of $26 cans of formula.
* still takes two naps and likes to go to bed for the night sometime in the 7 o'clock hour.

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