Thursday, September 27, 2012

I've been ...

I've been planning a Slugs & Bugs concert! {Similar to the one that happened last year.}

I've been taking steps to act upon some dreams swirling in my head.

I've been making lists of the different projects I want to do at home, at The Gathering Place and at Shady Creek Landing.

I've been embracing our carpool schedule and the way I get much done before 9 a.m. on the mornings I drive.

I've been watching "Bones" ... and getting teary-eyed while doing so. Seriously.

I've been organizing registration and publicity and other details for the second annual Marketplace 29 A.D.

I've been hearing my kindergartner recite scripture and poems she's memorized. I'm proud of her, thankful for her school, and impressed she's mastering a skill that still escapes me.

I've been seeing my son seem more grown up with his actions and words.

I've been living in community with a merry-go-round stroller exchange, hand-me-down clothes, a neighbor friend who baked me cinnamon rolls, a sister-in-law who brought me other cinnamon rolls, concert fundraising, sharing lives over lunches, and idea swapping and dreaming.

I've been anticipating this weekend's adult-only getaway with our dear friends who got married the same summer as us 10 years ago. It's a delayed double anniversary date with none of our five kids in five years between us.

What have you been doing?

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