Sunday, September 11, 2011

God made slugs and bugs ... and me!

God made slugs and bugs and rats and bats
And nasty bees who won't say please,
They sting your elbows and your knees if you chase them. ...

God made me,
Like He made the sea,
And filled it up with green and blue.
He sent His Son,
His only One,
To fill me up and make me new.

God made everything that was or is
Or will be, what a crazy biz!
I can't believe that I am his forever!

Now I listen very carefully,
Because He lives inside of me.
That could be gross, but it's not 'cause
it's Jesus Christ, My Lord and Savior!

-- "God Made Me" from Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies
By Randall Goodgame and Andrew Peterson

"Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies" has been our favorite kids' CD for a couple years now, although Cate called it "Stop" for a long time because that's the first track. Even Ben, at 21 months, is into the songs now, especially "Bears" and "Tractor, Tractor." And Greg walks around the house singing different lyrics from time to time.

I liked the CD so much I bought several copies and we gave them to our friends' kids for their birthdays one year. And I shared an extra copy in a blog giveaway. So when the opportunity to host Slugs & Bugs Live came my way, I was really excited.

And, thankfully, other people showed up for the show yesterday ...

I don't know why I ever doubt God being in the details. I made 99 goody bags {I was going for 100, but I miscounted somewhere along the line ...} to pass out to kids after the concert. Cate, in typical 4-year-old fashion, was eager for her bag after helping me stuff them and seeing them sitting in a box at home for a few days. I told her she couldn't have one until all the other kids got one. And guess what ... she got the very last goody bag yesterday. I had exactly the number of goody bags that I needed.

The entire day was really like that, really.

Randall Goodgame and I talked on the phone and exchanged some emails while planning the concert, but I didn't really know him. Yet he was warm and welcoming {Can you welcome someone else when you're the one visiting?} and he put on a show that my daughter loved. And the other kids seemed to too. Is it crazy I want to do it all again some day?

Just watch this video and you'll sense the joy.

Did you see Cate work to get her friend Achazia's attention? Did you see cute Addie get closer and closer to Randall and then her mom Jenn slip in and encourage her back toward the group? And how cute are all those kids trying to do the motions to the song? I guess you noticed Ben really wanted to be up there with them!

And here's another favorite of ours, even Ben, who is all about making bear {and many other animals} sounds. Grrrr ... "Bears, bears, they got no cares. Bears don't drink from a cup ..."

I left the theater yesterday feeling thankful that I have a community of people around me {and many of them were there yesterday!} who value family and want to teach our kids about Jesus. I'm thankful for our college friend Ryan and his friend Bryce who took care of the audio/video responsibilities. I'm thankful our church elders agreed to do something new by sponsoring the free concert for my family and so many other families in our community. And I'm thankful other people thought Slugs & Bugs Live was a fun time.

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  1. Hey, great post! (An love the title of your blog.) I'd like permission to use one of your pictures in a Story Warren post of Randy's. Is that OK? Let me know please, as soon as you can, at samuelATsdsmithDOTnet. Thanks!