Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ben @ 21 months

Believe it or not, Ben is three months away from turning 2. He's sweet, sensitive, busy, fast, determined and always on the move. He adores his sister, likes musical instruments and Diego, and keeps his cup nearby. And he's all boy, just as he should be.

He's really into making animal sounds ...

He's mastered the cat's meow, but he really likes being a dinosaur, thanks to his sister's love of "Land Before Time."

There he is borrowing some of his friend Davey's fun toys. {Thanks to Sarah for not only watching my kids twice in one day last week, but also taking these pictures.}

In many ways, it seems like Ben just turned 1, and now here we are, closer to 2 than 1. Times flies, when you're chasing around the boy.

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