Tuesday, December 28, 2010

sharing this giveaway

Sharing is good. It's a lesson my 3-year-old girl is trying to learn. And it's something she thinks she needs to tell her 1-year-old brother when she wants to play with one of his toys. Even as adults, it's important to share -- our time, our money, our hearts.

So guess what? I have something to share with you.

I ordered several copies of "Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies" by Andrew Peterson and Randall Goodgame to give to kids for their birthdays this year. I'm down to one. And I thought it would be fun to give it away.

Yep, for free.

To one of you.

It's my favorite children's music CD. And that fact means my girl is fond of it too. The first track -- "Stop" -- is one of our favorites. But the whole thing is good. And funny. "God Made Me" is a fun, honest song. "Bears" and "Tractor Tractors" make us laugh. We often sang "Chicken, Wiggle" to Ben while he drank his bottles. [Just listen and you'll know why.]

So all you have to do is tell me a song you like from your childhood or a song your kids are totally into right now. You have until the new year. Then sometime on Saturday -- the first day of the new year -- I'll randomly select a winner from the comments section.

Everyone is eligible, but you need to include your e-mail address [unless you're certain I have it!] so I can contact you, should you win. If you win and would rather share the CD with a kid you know who doesn't live with you, I'll happily mail it to the kid and not you.

Ah, sharing.


  1. Well Mae really into any particular song right now. She just loves it when we sing to her. She especially loves it when Mommy sings & does a silly dance for her. Today's pick: Stayin' Alive (in a clothing store here in Highland). I'm sure the associates got a kick out if it!

  2. Probably one of my favorite songs growing up was "How Much is that Doggie in the Window." I can still hear my Mama sing it and picture the little spotted dog when it would come on TV (black and white back then). Probably loved it so much because I wanted every dog that I ever saw. Still do. LOL.

    One of the things I am most proud of sharing with my daughter and granddaughters is my love of music. Anne has carried it on with Bella and they both listen to Jack Johnson on their pajama art days at home. Bella also comes home with so many cute songs that she has learned in pre-school, complete with all the body language. Even if we don't win I must say I enjoyed reading Christine's post. Stayin' Alive rocks. :-)

  3. Catherine Lanier12/28/2010 9:46 PM

    Just previewed the CD; it sounds great! Thanks for sharing it. :) The favorite songs for my three kiddos right now come from a "Baby's First Animal Songs" CD. My favorite is titled "The Unicorn" about how unicorns missed out on Noah's ark, though the kids love "Going to the Zoo" the best. Another long-time favorite is from Garrison Keillor's children's book/album: "Oh, Baby." I play it anytime I get discouraged about them not eating anything for dinner.

  4. Well I guess I better say "Wheels on the Bus" since it seems to be what we sing almost every time we're in the car anymore... I'm pretty sure I liked it as a kid too.

  5. Do you have my e-mail?
    And my favorite song as a kid was a medley I strung together when I was 7 to sing to my baby brother because he would only be still as long as I sang. And that's how I rocked him to sleep.

    It started with "Jesus Loves Me", then went into "The B-I-B-L-E", made a smooth transition to "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and ended with "This Little Light of Mine." If he still wasn't asleep after all that, I'd sing it again or throw in extra verses or make some up as we went along.

    Thanks for the memory-prompt! :)

  6. My fav as a kid was Jesus loves me...but now, my kids like my music. So today's picks would be Skillet--Alive, anything by Need to Breathe, and the top chart picks of Franchesca Batestelli

    Mindy Estes

  7. Hey Kristen its Eric. Olivia's favorite song right now is Holy, Holy, Holy which she first heard in her BSF class. Sometimes we hear her over the monitor in the morning singing the song to herself...it is so cute! When we ask her what she did today at BSF she always starts to sing the song. If you do not have my email you probably have Krystal's or you can just call me. Have a great New Years!