Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This year got away from me. It seems like just yesterday was summer. I have no idea what happened to fall. Yes, my kids keep me busy. We like to have friends over and go to basketball games. And take road trips. And vacations. Yes, more than one.

But somehow 2010 is nearly gone.

While driving my mini van or sweeping my floors, I often think, even when I try not to. I've been thinking about how God is slowly changing me. I've been thinking about the dreams I have for my family. I've been thinking about how my husband is good for me and how we balance each other. I've been thinking about how my life is better than the plan I had that didn't turn out. I've been thinking about my kids and remembering that God has adopted me into His kingdom.

I've been thinking.

And now I thought I'd share 10 places I go online that often prompt me to think. Even has life rushes by and another years [almost] comes to an end, these places help me slow down and take in what's going on around me.

So, in no particular order ...

1. Stuff Christians Like. This is witty and wise.

2. Holly. She's my friend. I wish she lived closer. But her honest words always bring her closer.

3. Ali Edwards. She helps inspire the creative side of me.

4. Ann Voskamp. I've recently discovered her, but God used her words to prepare my heart for Christmas.

5. Amanda Moore Jones. I don't know her, but her blog makes me think I do. Plus one of her recent posts inspired this post of mine.

6. Donald Miller. He's one of my favorite writers. If you haven't read "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life," you should. Now.

7. Proverbs 31 Ministries. I love these devotions. They're so practical for busy moms.

8. Max Lucado. Another of my favorite writers. He tells beautiful stories that are rooted in God's word.

9. Bible Gateway. It's a great place to compare translations of the Bible. Yes, I'm a nerd, and I like to do that sometimes.

10. Pandora. You can make your own online radio stations here. Brilliant.

May 2011 bring you peace and joy. And much inspiration along the way.

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  1. I agree with you - the year vaporized, it feels like. Thank you for being the friend you are to me - always supportive, listening, writing and letting me in on the small details of your day like grocery shopping...on Mondays.
    Love you!