Tuesday, July 6, 2010

deja vu ... in a very good way

There's nothing like empty the camera card after a vacation! We went with my family -- meaning parents, siblings and their families -- to Hilton Head Island last week. I really love it there, which I'm sure you'll notice, if you haven't already!

While going through my vacation photos, I was reminded of some similar shots when we went to Hilton Head two years ago. So, I thought I'd share ...

Starting with, the ever-popular duck float, which I bought for $1 when Cate was barely a year old ...

... and now. Although I just learned on this vacation that the duck float actually quacks. Yeah, I don't know how I missed that lovely feature the previous two summers!

Then there is Cassie and me coordinating our shirt colors ... at the same restaurant. And we didn't plan it either time.



As soon as I snapped this picture of Greg and Cate ...

... I remembered a similar [obviously exciting] moment in New Zealand. Both cruises -- although in very contrasting temperatures -- featured dolphins, at least in part.


The girls liked to play in the sand then, when Cate was only 13 months but already loving on her older cousin!

The playin' and lovin' remain ...


This momma is always a sucker for introducing her babies to the beach.


As you can imagine, I took many, many more photos. Thanks to Facebook, it's easy to look back to our last trip. Here are photos from Hilton Head in June 2008. And here are some from Charleston that time. Here is where you can browse all of this most recent trip to the beautiful Hilton Head Island. And, again, here is Charleston this time 'round.

For more reminiscing -- this was our THIRD family trip to Hilton Head -- I did some comparisons between 2005 and 2008 here and here. For the record, Uncle Zac remains popular, especially with his sweet nieces ...

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