Friday, May 11, 2012

God-made preschoolers

Even though I prefer "preschool program" to "graduation," watching Cate with her preschool friends was precious. I was warned I'd need Kleenex. I didn't cry, but my heart welled up with much joy.

Although not all of us were eager to watch ...
These praying preschoolers are seriously precious! Goodness!

Of course, afterward Ben was ready to pose with a picture. Mrs. Jill may have been Cate's teacher this past year, but, really, she befriended our family. When we'd pick up Cate after lunch, Ben would run into the classroom, having no idea he was 2-plus years younger than Cate and her friends, and into Mrs. Jill's arms. Most days Mrs. Jill was reading a book, and without breaking her verbal stride, she'd let Ben sit in her lap.

So, yes, last night was bittersweet. Mrs. Jill blessed our family by teaching and loving our girl. We'll miss seeing her three times a week. But I have no doubt Cate is ready for what's next.

But before we go there, I'll probably watch these videos at least a few more times ...

{This is admittedly my favorite. I love Slugs & Bugs, so to hear them singing and see them dancing to "God Made Me" brought much joy to my momma heart.}

{We didn't know this one until Cate came home singing it, but it's made it into the regularly rotation around here.}

{Cate was surprised we knew "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." And she's adamant about singing the verses just like they are here.}

So, it's official. School is out for the summer. A new set of adventures is on its way.


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