Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Will momma tears come?

Tomorrow is Cate's last day of preschool. Granted, it's just a few hours three days a week, but that's where we are. And it's about to change.

I haven't shed tears at first birthday parties or when I stopped diapering my girl. I haven't cried over independence or Cate's first day of preschool either of the past two years. I'm excited Cate has a loose tooth. I'll be happy when Ben has moved out of diapers too.

Yet I'm sure I'll cry sometime "because they're growing up so fast." I don't think it'll be a major, traditional milestone. I'm thinking something ordinary and unexpected will prompt me to cry those momma tears.

I think preschool and kindergarten and even elementary school graduations are goofy. I think graduation should be reserved for earning a high school or college diploma. Yet I do believe we should gather our kids and tell them good job and remind them God is with them wherever they go.

Can we just not call it a graduation?

Even so, Cate has a preschool program tomorrow night. Thankfully, she doesn't have to wear a miniature cap and gown. But I'm thinking after years of chuckling at the idea of a preschool graduation, I could meet my momma-tear moment.

We've loved her preschool. She's had two teachers who have succeeded anything I could have dreamed up in a teacher. She's learned. She's made friends. She's faced it with confidence and grace. And, of course, she has told many, many stories.

Cate is going to love kindergarten. And I'm excited about the school we chose. Still, she's growing up. And at some point that fact alone will get the best of my emotions.

But for now, I'm going to pull her close, tell her I'm proud of who she is becoming. And then I'll snap some pictures while she runs through sprinklers with her brother and her friends because these moments do fly by and I really don't want to forget them.

What about you, fellow mommas? What has caused momma tears to flow from your eyes?


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  1. Leaving Luke at kindergarten the first day knowing he wanted to cry