Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hey, Mommas. Happy day.

My breakfast dates this morning were all smiles.

I've had an emotional week and some rocky moments the past few weeks. I have felt unequipped for where I am as a wife and a mom.  

But I feel new today.

During church announcements this morning, a friend mentioned how mothers aren't made until a child is born. Moms are born when their family grows to include someone depending {nearly completely at the beginning} upon this one women, who hopefully has a man by her side.

That happened five years and one week ago for me, thanks to a brave, generous young woman who was growing a baby in her belly.

And it happened again 2 1/2 years ago when another brave, caring woman chose life for a baby she couldn't raise.

Yet today I feel made new again. And I'm realizing that's the essence of motherhood. It's a journey. The moments along the way shape us and make us and grow us and take us to the next place. We are made new over and over again because we are God's workmanship and he will finish the work he began.

Another friend at church talked about how God only needed one thing in all creation: A momma. A young woman trusted God's plan even though she was probably terrified. She gave birth to the savior of the world. And she became a momma.

So happy day, mommas out there. We have been called and chosen and created for this.


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