Thursday, August 4, 2011

Water, please ...

On Wednesday, the temperature reached 102 here in Murray and that doesn't take into crazy humidity, which made it feel like 120. Whew. We managed, though, spending five hours in the water at Venture River with Courtney and her kids.

Cate had been a few times, making me realize how much she's grown up since the first summer we went ... twice. Even Ben had been before, but last year he was just along for the ride. This year he was part of the ride. Literally.

He really likes slides. A slide with water is just bonus. Notice him contemplating in the picture above. Yep, he was figuring out how to jump off the edge of the slide.

Look closely. Yep, he's licking the water.

Even a boy who likes to be on the move has to stop and rest, at least briefly. And, speaking of rest, next up was the lazy river.

Ben was so mellow and serious. I guess all that jumpin' and slidin' can wear a boy out. Later in the afternoon he even fell asleep on Courtney while we were hanging out in the wave pool.

Everybody loved this slide. At least we had help getting all the necessary tubes up the hill ...


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