Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More fun in the water!

We went to a water park for a couple hours this afternoon with Corbitt and Addie. When we walked in, Cate clapped her hands and said, "Yeah!" But then when it came to getting in the water at the kiddie area, she wasn't so sure at first. But she had some moments of wanting to be in ... and wet. Her favorite was this waterfall thing.

Being the encouraging mother I am, I pushed her in ...

I think she liked it better from a distance, although she giggled when I held her and got really close to it so it sprayed her back.

Here's Addie ...

How cute are those pigtails?! I don't know how anybody could resist such a sweet face with such a sweet hair-do!

Addie and Cate shared some Dippin Dots before we left. (Excuse the pink streak in the picture. Must have been something with the light because it's in all of the ones of them together.)


  1. With us being down to one computer I have not been able to keep up on my blogs. You have been very busy...both in the real world and blog world! I love the swim suit Cate it Old Navy? I get the girls those kind from there every year! BTW I am the mom who shoves her kids into the water too!!