Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ah, friendship ...

Part of motherhood I never thought about before I had kids was how my kids would interact with my long-time friends' kids. And I know this part is only beginning. I loved, loved, loved watching Cate play with Charley, who is 16 months younger than her. Charley's mom is Katie, who has been my friend for almost 20 years.

It's the sweetest friendship I have because it spans so many seasons of life ... We sat on her front porch, which was next door to my front porch, and wished we were older and had drivers' licenses. I drove her places before she could drive me. Then she drove me places sometimes, and I usually had to give her directions. We went to separate colleges but remained connected. We lived in the same town again, briefly. Then we lived farther apart than we had since we befriended each other in October 1990, yet we got even closer as we learned how to be adults, and more specifically, wives. Now we're sharing motherhood.

Our time together is never long enough or often enough. But we'll take what we can get. Last week that was an afternoon and evening followed by one morning together. We sat close on the couch and talked, often pausing to assist one of the three children in the room. The visit was overdue because I hadn't seen Katie since December and it has been more than nine months since we were all together, but refreshing and comfortable, as always.

Katie is getting ready to have a newborn baby boy and a 2-year-old boy on her hands, so painting Cate's nails pink was something she was delighted to do. This nail painting and drying is serious business ...

Did I mention how sweet this friendship is? And, look, it seems a new friendship is developing ...

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  1. I didn't know Katie was pregnant?! I liked this blog, by the way. I think it's really sweet and it makes me look forward to when my children can play with my friend's children who, by the time THAT rolls around, they'll probably have children of their own. :)