Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Louisville

We headed to Louisville on Saturday morning to continue our Christmas celebrating. We missed Cassie and Zac being there, but Greg, Cate and I did open our presents from them while we talked to them via Skype. Isn't technology wonderful?!

One of the best things about being in Louisville is watching the kids play together. Milla [who turns 6 next week] and Cate played really well together. Sometimes they even included Jax [who at 17 months tries really hard to keep up with the girls].

This is Jax saying "all gone" when the girls went back under the blanket. Adorable, really.

Another great thing about Louisville was Katie [and her mom] came to see me. Well, OK, maybe they came to meet Ben, but, either way, I'll take a visit from my friend of 19 years and counting ...

Now, Cate would like to model a couple of her presents for you ...

I think she could be in a Snuggie [for kids!] advertisement.

And, all the way from New Zealand ...

Every girl needs a hat like this. Thanks, Aunt Cassie and Uncle Zac!

Ben was a good traveler. [Translation: He slept the entire way to Louisville and again the entire way home. Conveniently, the drive time is about the same as his feeding increments.] Even so, I think the trip wore him out ...


There are many more Christmas photos in a Facebook album. Go look at them there, if you wish.

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