Friday, June 29, 2007

on the road again

I've been browsing blogs this morning, and I keep coming back to the same thought: Geez, I wish she (he) would update her (his) blog. Then I think, OK, it's been three days since I updated mine. Although that's not the same as three weeks or three months.

Last weekend my friends in central Kentucky planned me (well, more importantly, Cate!) a shower. We got some great stuff, especially this. But the best part was having this group of friends and family all together in one place. These were many of the people I love most. These were many of the people who prayed and hoped for us as we waited to have a baby.

There was Katie. We've been friends for nearly 17 years. Yes, nearly 17 years. CRAZY. And there was Shelley. And we've been friends for 14 years. Our 10-year class reunion is coming up, you know. Goodness. Time really does fly. (Seriously, what a stupid expression. No, it doesn't fly. It doesn't have wings. And time actually doesn't do anything at any other pace than the constant pace of time as we know how to measure it.) My sister, my mom, my aunt and my cousin's wife were all there. And Corbitt graciously hosted the shower. Corbitt and Bethany understand where we've been.

And Jodi (who affectionately identifies herself as Aunt Jo-Jo to Cate) finally got to hold Cate. Actually, this only scenario resulted in one of my favorite moments of the shower. To appreciate my recount, you have to know that Jodi and I worked together at the Richmond Register and now she works as the governor's spokeswoman.

Cate was crying and somebody ended up handing her off to Jodi, who couldn't get enough of our little one. (Trust me, Jodi, I still can't get enough of her!) Cate snuggled in with Jodi and seemed perfectly content after just a moment. My mom noticed and others commented on how Jodi seemed to have the touch. But my mom wasn't surprised: "Jodi's used to pacifying people." I think by "people" she really meant reporters (ironic, I know), not necessarily cute, cuddly babies.

OK, back to my friends. Laura is one of my friends I most admire in motherhood. Her two kids (Here's one.) are a joy to be around and I just really respect how she handles life. I was glad she was there -- and she made this adorable diaper cake our of disposable diapers with cloth diapers (aka burp cloths, at least in our house) wrapped around them. Then it was topped with socks rolled up like flowers. Bekah brough along her adorable daughter and two more tubs of clothes for Cate to borrow.

All of this to say: I spent six weeks in Murray after we returned from Bloomington with Cate. I enjoyed every moment of not leaving town, or settling into my new life in our home. (Really, I'm pretty sure it's the first time since coming to Murray State in August 1997 that I stayed in one place that long! And it was surprisingly wonderful.) I didn't really want to pack up for a trip. But I'm glad last weekend was the trip for which I packed. Seeing Milla with Cate and then spending too-short an afternoon with my friends was worth leaving the comforts of home for a couple of days. A little more time with these girls was all I still needed by the time Sunday evening came!

And we're going to Louisville again tomorrow for a wedding. One of Greg's roommates from UK is getting married. I figured I'll take the opportunity to go to Target and Archiver's -- stops I just didn't have time for last weekend.

Then I'll be ready to settle back in for three more weeks until it's time for my class reunion in July. The same weekend in July I'm throwing my sister a bridal shower. Then two weeks later it will be wedding weekend -- an event, or, rather, events, that will be worth the trip.

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