Tuesday, February 6, 2007

the steps we take in life

I finally feel like I can take a deep breath. Yes, it's been like that lately. No, it's not been bad. And, no, I didn't get everything done. But that's OK.

Yes, that's my major revelation. I can have peace and still have items on my to-do list. Amazing, I know.

My high school class is having a reunion, and there's a Web page involved in the planning. Man how things have changed in 10 years. It also makes me feel old that people have had time to get married, have kids and get divorced, unfortunately in some cases.

While tackling the dishes in my sink, one of my pretty butterfly glasses that Katie gave me for Christmas last year decided to tackle me. I was cleaning it (with my hand inside it ... Mom always told me that was a risk!) and it suddenly broke, cutting my hand in three places. It didn't hurt, but it took awhile for the blood to stop coming from one of the cuts. And it took me even longer to realize there was a third cut, which was bleeding all over the kitchen towel. Anyway, I'm fine, but it freaked me out for a few minutes.

I also took care of another wedding task for my sister. The date is Aug. 4, and she's planned so much of it ... church, reception, dress, bridesmaid dresses, food, cake, photographer, flowers. And she has plenty of other things in the works. I think it's pretty cool that Cassie and I are almost five years apart in age, and our wedding anniversaries are going to be five years and one day apart. (Doesn't this picture look like it was taken while they were vacationing in Colorado or somewhere else that's used to having snow? Well, honestly, it's outside my mom's townhouse in Louisville this past weekend.)

I filled out some more adoption paperwork tonight. I am nearing the end of everything I have to have prepared for the home study, and each blank I fill in makes me more and more excited about this process of us starting our family. I realize there's many more steps to go, but taking the steps is such a blessing to me.

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  1. Hey Kristin :) It's so good to finally get around to looking at your blog... I guess hearing about the reunion and posting my info on the OCHS website has gotten me to reminiscing. It's just so weird to think about that time in my life and how things have changed. It will be very strange to see our classmates again - like you said - after marriages, children, divorces... Glad that you are content, happy to hear about your upcoming adoption (good for you!), and looking forward to seeing you again!
    <3, laura (george) henderson