Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a summer weekend

I really love Memorial Day because it feels like the opening of summer. (Yes, I know summer officially begins in June, but I think 90 degree temperatures make calling this summer a fair assessment.)

So, here's a run down of our summer weekend.

Our college friends Laura and Dave and their two children -- Gillian (2 1/2) and Phillip (6 months) were in town to visit. Laura and I let the guys keep the kids while we yard saling Saturday morning. And then we spent the afternoon catching up while the kids napped and the guys played golf. That evening we all went out to dinner when our Lexington friends Rod and Corbitt also stopped by to visit.

As you can see, Gillian was quite fond of Cate.

Sunday was a shower for Cate. Jaclyn did a beautiful job planning it and I, of course, loved showing Cate off. We got lots of nice (and many practical!) gifts. That night we had a cookout with some other friends from college who were in town for the shower.

Monday included another cookout and some time by the pool at Greg's aunt and uncle's house. It's become a tradition -- and a great one to ring in summer. That picture at the top of my blog (for those of you who actually read this far down ...) is Cate with Nana. Nana loves rocking and holding babies, but she and Cate have a special bond because Cate's middle name Anna is Nana's first name. (I just realize this week that the letters in Nana can be changed around to make Anna. I wonder if someone planned that ...)

Then last night Greg and I settled in on the couch to watch a few (maybe one more than a few ...) episodes of "Lost." We're not quite half way through the first season and I'm addicted. It's a really intriguing show and I love how the characters' stories are told through flashbacks while they're stranded on the island.

Another update: My car isn't totaled! This makes me happy because my list of why I don't like driving Greg's car was growing. (Manual locks, manual windows, a truck that barely holds the stroller, an uncomfortable seat position in relation to the steering wheel ...) You see, we were getting ready to sell his car when I wrecked mine. So we postponed selling his (or at least committing it to someone who may buy it later this summer) until we learned what the situation was with mine. So I'm happy to say that I can drive mine once its front bumper and surrounding area is repaired and new airbags are put in.

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