Thursday, October 4, 2012

{St. Louis} That's a winner!

We have these good friends who have been in our lives for 14 years. Much can happen in 14 years, and I'm so thankful our friendships have endured and evolved while life was happening. I'm grateful we share college experiences yet became even closer after college.

In five of the more recent of those years, we've had five kids in five years between us. Luke was born in April 2006, Cate in May 2007, Norah in April 2008, Ben in November 2009, and Caroline in August 2010. And let me tell you, those kids love each other with a love that's different from other friends and they argue like only siblings usually do.

And, seriously, I wouldn't have it any other way because these friendships -- both among the adults and the kids -- are some of the sweetest parts of our life. We know each other's dreams, weaknesses, schedules and plans. We hope and pray and dream and play games and eat together. We are in this life together.

Each couple in this group that has become nine celebrated 10 years of marriage this year. We have our own stories, but, thankfully, our stories include each other. So once the weather cooled off and my husband's business slowed down {ever so slightly ...}, we left the five kids in five years at home with their respective grandparents and spent two nights in a hotel, two and half days eating and talking and shopping and watching baseball and playing Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride and reminiscing and making new memories.

And, really, I'm so very glad we did.

They were all leery of my recommendation to go to a farmer's market on Saturday morning, but they will all three tell you they loved it. {And, really, it wasn't even my recommendation. It came online from someone who used to live in St. Louis.}

I loved the colors and the organization.

Seriously, where else do you eat these delicious mini doughnuts {I can't bring myself to spell d-o-n-u-t-s ...}

... and then follow with a meat kabob?

And, honestly, I didn't know why Greg was so excited about the doughnuts. But then I ate some, like at least half of the dozen he bought, and I contemplated getting more. But, of course, there were other meals to be had and I had to save myself ...

Yep. Authentic Italian. Totally worth saving myself for that seafood ravioli in a white cream sauce.

We took photos while we waited for brunch at The Boathouse. You know, waiting at a restaurant is totally different when there aren't antsy kids around. And, hey, let me tell you, this meal was totally worth the wait. {Truthfully, to The Boathouse's defense, we only had to wait before the restaurant didn't hope until 10 a.m. on Sunday, and we didn't do that much research. It was a go-with-flow weekend with little research. Although I'm certainly glad I asked a stranger online what she'd recommend doing. Yep, Kelli at recommended this one too!}

Hello, banana cream cheese stuffed French toast. So, so delicious.

We shopped and played games, but, really, that's so all that picture worthy. And we snacked some more. Then we wrapped up the weekend with a Cardinals baseball game. It was perfect weather to be outside and the game itself was entertaining.

That's a winner indeed. And it helped secure the wild card spot. Really, the whole weekend was a winner. {And, hey, my kids loved having Gran-Gran to themselves for the weekend.}

I'm hoping this kind of weekend happens again. Until then, we'll be found playing games and eating dinner while our kids love and argue in the same breath with people they've known their whole little lives. We'll be meeting at the park and talking before church starts. We'll be texting. We'll be living our lives, thankful for all the ways they intersect like they have and continue to do.

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