Friday, October 5, 2012

Capturing community

Community is when you go out of town with your husband and dear friends and you get pictures of your kids texted and emailed from other people who love them. 

While we were in St. Louis last weekend, my mother-in-law stayed at our house with the kids. They had much fun and even got to stay up late Saturday night to watch fireworks after the Murray State football game. You can tell she enjoyed her time with them, sending me a photo of her and Ben together. Our friends were using tickets next to theirs and Courtney texted me an adorable cell phone photo of Cate loving the fireworks and Ben hanging out with Andy. I thought about how a couple years ago, Cate wanted to watch fireworks from inside, where it was quicker and less scary.

That sweet picture made me realize how much can change in a couple of years and getting both photos that night made me know how blessed I am to have my life wrapped up in the arms of this community.

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