Saturday, June 16, 2012

Like a fish

My summers were spent at the pool when I was a kid. That membership to the pool that was just 2.1 miles from our house may have been the best money my parents spent. We played Sharks and Minnows. We mustered the courage to jump, and eventually dive, off the high dive. We made friends. We brought other friends with us. And we ate Fruit Chews. {I tried to find a link to these delicious candies, but I can't find them anywhere. My brother, sister, and I decided they were similar to fruit-flavored Mentos, but they were called Fruit Chews to the best of our knowledge. At some point there was a cinnamon version that also was delicious.}

Now there is a new generation of swimmers. We got a pass to the public pool this summer sort of by accident when my husband bid on it at a silent auction in the fall. Not many people bid, so his low bid stuck. And the rest of us are grateful for it. We've been a few times the past couple of weeks, and my kids are like fish.

And Airheads are the new fruit chews. Four of the five kids in the top picture have one in their hand. The fifth used to have one, but ... well ... he ate it.

The public pool is best in the late afternoon when the campers and daycares have cleared out. There is a pool that is 2 feet to 3 1/2 feet deep that is perfect for my kids. They also like playing in the baby pool and spray park. They have been off the diving boards at the big pool too.

I like the options.

My kids like the water, regardless of the depth.

After spending my childhood summers at the pool, I ended up swimming in a summer league and then for my high school. My first employment also was as a lifeguard. So, see, all those days at the pool actually amounted to something. And many, many memories were created in the process. I'm happy to be there again, creating new memories.


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