Thursday, June 7, 2012

80 degrees

I want it to be 8 degrees warmer. And sunny.

I know. I know. It's only June. There is much of the summer to go. But we've been teased with 90-degree days before June even arrived. These last few days have been beautiful, seriously. Temperatures hover at 80 for their highs, the sun has been out and there's even been a breeze.

But we want to swim.

The kids swam today. But my boy shivered the instant he climbed out of the pool. And my girl told me she was ready to go. I'm pretty sure I'll not hear those words out of my social butterfly's mouth again for a long, long time. They were cold.

We were sitting in the chair, them huddled in their hooded towels {thanks, Grandmom!} and me thankful I hadn't actually gotten in and Courtney said, "Where's your phone?" That's what good friends do. They notice the moment, and capture it for you.

Just a little warmer, please? Eighty-eight degrees, anyone?

They must have closed their eyes to cope with it being "cold."

We spent last Saturday at the lake. {See above ...} I barely wanted to put my swimsuit on, and I certainly didn't want to swim. The coolness {for June in Kentucky, 70-something degrees is cool, people ...} didn't stop my husband and daughter from jumping in.

It was cold when they got out. Right, Cate?

So, yeah, I wish it were warmer. 

Hold onto the rotten tomatoes you want to throw at me. But, you have to know, if you don't know by now, I'm a summertime girl. Maybe it's my mom's fault. We went swimming at the pool up the street nearly every day once school was out. We took nearly annual beach vacations. The summer of 1995 when I didn't care about getting my driver's license because my friend who drove a shiny, midnight blue Blazer would drive me around, I was a lifeguard. I learned Sun-In and dark brown hair creates a hideous orange color that takes a long time to grow out. And the fact I'm a summertime girl was affirmed on my own.

And so it remains. Yes, summer, the hot, humid Kentucky summers, are my favorite time of the year. And those days were created for the pool. Or the lake. I'm {almost} ready to jump in.


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