Monday, June 18, 2012

Exactly, and loving it

It's been a big week for Cate. She lost her first tooth while at basketball camp and didn't even tell anyone at first. That's my girl, an independent, brave problem-solver. Plus she seemed all grown up, learning how to dribble. Then she got a trophy as she finished her t-ball season. 

From sports to a real-life princess, Cate then was all dolled up to be a flower girl in a cousin's wedding. She's already asked when she can do it again. Perhaps I have a flower girl for hire.

And, honestly, I loved seeing these things happen. Her excitement was precious. And that toothless smile makes me grin every single time. 

Then I heard a toast at the cousin's wedding that helped me put toothless smiles and pure joy in perspective. The bride's dad talked about how he wasn't sad his oldest daughter {and second oldest child} was getting married and taking her husband's name. He was proud of where she had been with him and where she was going with her new family. He said this wedding was what he believed was supposed to come next. Kids are made to grow and learn and fall in love ... and lose teeth, play sports and get trophies. {Although, really, in life not everyone really always gets a trophy ...}

I haven't had a my-baby-is-growing up cry. But I got teary-eyed listening to my husband's uncle toast his daughter and new son-in-law because he was putting into words what I had been feeling. My girl isn't 22 years old yet and wearing a veil, but some big things have happened in her 5-year-old life. And that's exactly how it's supposed to be. Certainly not everyone's journey is the same, but the journey is worth embracing, even if we aren't sure of the destination on this side of heaven.


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