Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where {most people} know your name

No pictures of the swollen wrist,
so this one of the beautiful flower girls
will have to do. I think you'll manage.

Not long before walking down the aisle with yellow rose petals, Cate's wrist was swollen and red from some kind of bug bite. I had seen it earlier in the day but it just looked like a mosquito bite. It may have been a small whelp, but that isn't all that usual for my girl who apparently has the sweetest skin known to bugs.

Hours later, it was swollen, red, hot and hard. And it made me nervous.

I called Greg to bring Benadryl cream when he came to the church and I had my mother-in-law and some other moms. All agreed it was suspicious.

Then the photographer lets me in on the fact he had been to nursing school and suggested I draw a circle around the swollen area to see if it grew in the next little while. So I did, planning to reevaluate after the petals had been dropped and the bride and groom had been pronounced husband and wife.

Meanwhile, someone remembered the groom's brother-in-law was a doctor. So he took a look and agreed we needed to watch it.

As the wedding guests were lining up to greet the couple and their parents, I noticed a welcomed face: My kids' pediatrician and his wife who is the nurse practitioner we usually see for appointments. After they made it through the receiving line, they looked at Cate's wrist. The pediatrician suggested a baking soda paste with a moist rag wrapped overnight. Then he ad his wife said multiple times to call them the next day {Sunday!} if it didn't look better.

Seriously, I love living in a town where our pediatrician is a guest at the wedding in which my daughter is the flower girl.

We did the baking soda wrap and her wrist looked so much better in the morning. Then later that same morning I get a Facebook message from the nurse practitioner giving me their phone number and asking me to call when I got a chance. {We only have cell phones, thus we aren't listed in the phone book. Gotta love Facebook.}

So I called and told her it looked much better. She asked some questions about her wrist. And then we talked about the delicious wedding favor cookies from the night before.

I've always liked our pediatrician's office. But this past weekend really involved the best service possible and reminded me of one of the reasons I like living in a small town, where most people really do know your name.


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