Friday, November 4, 2011

A favorite friend

That's me between of two of my dearest friends -- Holly (right) and Jaclyn (left).

I got to spend time with one of my favorite people this week. Holly lives in Texas now, so even though we email almost daily, spending time around the kitchen table and on the couch is such a treat.

We met in September 2007. I was a new mom with a 4-month-old daughter who had just quit a full-time newspaper reporting job. Holly was a recent college graduate who was hired as my replacement. We spent a work day together, me showing her around and introducing her to some of my sources. Then she emailed me with a question, so we met at Quizno's to talk business.

And we became friends that day.

She's only ever known me as a mom, and she loves my kids. She listens to me talk about motherhood and asks real questions about married life. We both love words and stories, which is probably why email is our primary form communication. She moved from Murray to New Mexico back to Murray and then back to New Mexico before settling recently in Texas. {Right, Holly? I got myself confused thinking through that.} Yet we've gotten closer as time has gone on.

It's not all long-distance emails. Our friendship is more than that. We had text message dates while watching "The Bachelor" a couple season ago. She also was right there with me on my first tubing adventure. We've played Hearts. And we've drank Sonic drinks at Happy Hour together.

Holly's visit this week was good for my soul. And my kids were fond of having her around too ...

Holly inspires and encourages me. She makes me think about things. And she answers my questions about anything. She helps herself to drinks in my fridge and washes her plate and fork when she's done eating, even though nobody asked her to or expects her to. She makes me laugh. And my kids adore her. Trust me, if you knew her, she'd be one of your favorite people too.

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