Saturday, November 5, 2011

Squeeze like you mean it

I'm not a mom who matches her kids' outfits. Coordinating for family pictures has happened before, but that just involves finding things in their closets that go together. And they do both have Frosty T-shirts that they wore on the same day. Once.

But I love their matching shoes. Although, as Cate pointed out, they are slightly different color browns. Slightly.

Still. How cute are they?

My absolute favorite thing about having two kids is watching them together. So when they willing squeeze each other, my heart melts. Every morning, Ben asks, "Cate?" And I have to tell him she's still sleeping. Then when she comes down the stairs, he greets her with an excited "Hi, Cate!" He usually waves too.

Yes, Ben pulls her hair sometimes. And, yes, she gets aggravated when he destroys something she's working on. But sometimes they squeeze each other like they really do mean it.

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