Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well, hello, November ...

I can't believe it's November. Really, I'm having a hard time believing October is over.

So, before we move on, perhaps you'd like to see my kids dressed up for the Fall Festival at Cate's preschool ...

They wanted to hold cousin Kieran, who hadn't put his costume on yet. But it wasn't long after that he had to endure costuming and a brief photo shoot ...

It didn't take Ben long to figure out this trick-or-treating {well, technically trunk-or-treating ...}

Funny thing was he had his eye on this one purple Dum-Dum in his bag and each time he stopped to collect more candy, he wanted to find that one sucker. He got that sucker in his mouth not long after ... and then two minutes later dropped it on the ground.

I was going for one more pictures of my kids dressed up. Together. This is what I got ...

I guess I shouldn't have said, "Hey, Ben, give your sister a kiss." Apparently he was still in dog mode.

So, back to the present. To November ...

Many dates in November are palindromes. Love that. And, yes, I realize how this reveals how nerdy I can be. What do you think about me remembering that I learned about palindromes in 1991 as a sixth-grader in Mrs. Upchurch's math class? Nerd, I know. {And this paragraph is dedicated to Dustin Sapp.}

November means cooler weather (maybe?) and an extended family trip to Branson. We love that place. Obviously.

A perk of November is basketball season begins while football is still happening. Our beloved Racers have an exhibition basketball game tonight and their last home football game on Saturday. Plus there are Thanksgiving and Christmas parties to start planning. And gifts to buy and sort and wrap. And cards to make and letters to write.

It's really a wonderful time of the year, even if November shoved October out of the way.

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  1. I don't believe I've ever had a blog paragraph dedicated to me - completely honored. And in honor of palindrome month, I leave you with this:

    Nurse, I spy gypsies. Run!

  2. An entire palindrome sentence ... wow, amazing.

  3. I love that first picture...great!