Monday, June 13, 2011

Balancing a quick pace with lounging

{That's Ben lounging last June at Venture River Water Park in Eddyville, Ky.}

It's mid-June, for anyone who hasn't looked at a calendar recently. In May, I talked about how June and July were wide open for our family. Last week was relatively free and this week is full.

Full of fun, really.

Today we're meeting my mom in Paducah to do some shopping with a Kohl's coupon she has. Tomorrow I'm celebrating my coming-soon nephew with some friends and my pregnant sister-in-law. A trip to the water park is on the agenda for Wednesday. A road trip to Sikeston, Mo., specifically for a meal at Lamberts, home of the throwed rolls, is Thursday's plan. Friday is relatively free. And then Saturday brings another road trip, this time to Marion, Ill., to watch a minor league baseball game.

We're going with friends to water park. We're meeting a friend and his family in Sikeston. And we'll watch baseball with family. We're living. And playing. And enjoying. And making memories. With people we care about.

I've come to love fall vacations, which surprises the summer girl in me. But I'm loving that we have a vacation planned in September. It frees up June and July to do things closer to home. It gives my husband a chance to be productive during his busiest season at work. It gives my kids a chance to learn about what's right here in our community and not too far down to the road.

Next week we'll schedule some time to regroup. And rest. And soak in a slower paced life, at least on some days.

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