Tuesday, June 7, 2011

animal science

We went to the St. Louis Zoo on Saturday. Yes, it was hot. My van thermometer said 100 degrees when we got in it around 1 p.m. But we were in town for my niece's 1st birthday party later that afternoon and, hey, the zoo has free admission.

Cate brought her zoo book, which we bought at a yard sale for 25 cents. She consulted it multiple times, saying "I'm going to check my animal science book." No, I have no idea where she heard "animal science."

Ben mooed often ... especially at the elephants, who were especially playful.

"All aboard the animal train ..." is annoying song from a toy we don't even have. Greg sings it sometimes, although riding the train through the zoo seemed like the most appropriate opportunity he has had.

Ben was too busy drinking lemonade to pose for a picture.

The penguins exhibit at the St. Louis Zoo is excellent. I've thought this each time I've gone, but it was an especially refreshing break this time. Penguins live in cold climates, you know, so it's like an ice box inside the penguin habitat.

It was a good trip, even if the little ones were hot and distracted by the end.

There are more photos in my Facebook album, if you're interested.

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