Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lions and tigers and roses ... oh my!

And "The Bachelor" and his ladies are in South Africa.

I'm liking Chantal more in Africa. Several weeks ago, I was really liking her, and then all the emotional drama got to me. She seems to be back. And how cool that they're sleeping in a tree house. Although, really, I'm not sure I'd actually sleep there, in the middle of the nowhere, where wild animals are sure to be.

Helicopters are no surprise on "The Bachelor," but Brad picked up Emily for their date on an elephant. "This is like 'The Lion King' but better." Nice, Emily.

I know I've said it before, but I respect Brad's respect for Emily being a mom.

Did Ashley really think she was going to be on "The Bachelor" this long and not ride in a helicopter? And, on the same note, did she think she was going to be in the final three and not have to talk about the future. Brad kept apologizing to her, but it's not his fault she's apparently not into talking about how their lives could come together.

I'm sure Ashley will have more to say next week on the reunion show. Oh, and speaking of talking, I'm sure Michelle will have a thing or two or fifty to say.

My favorite two women are left standing, waiting for Brad. After meeting his family, he'll [supposedly] pick one. I'm still hoping Emily is his girl, but I have the feeling Chantal will be handed the final rose ... and a ring.

How do you think this show will end?

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