Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And then there were six ...

My commentary while watching last night's episode of "The Bachelor" ...

Costa Rica! Much more magical than Las Vegas.

Michelle: Yes, if Brad is more interested in Chantal than you, then you aren't his girl. Duh. And I doubt she gets attacked by apes, or monkeys. And, really, I'm not sure how the rain can be creepy.

Um, Michelle called Chantal "aggressive." Pot. Kettle. Black.

I want to zipline there. And I want to rappel down a waterfall.

Really, Michelle? If Jackie is dramatic, then I'm not even sure what the word is for you. Again. Pot. Kettle. Black. Oh dear, then Michelle gets to rappel down the waterfall with Brad. She doesn't deserve that extra special treatment.

The girls are just "starting to bother" Michelle. Seems like they have been bothering her since Day One.

Even Brad rolled his eyes at Michelle. Of course, then he kissed her.

Alli seems like a nice girl. But I wasn't surprised Brad sent her home. He's not there to make a new best friend that isn't his wife.

So much for Brad's emotional down time. Michelle showed up uninvited. Brad nailed it when he said she's the biggest contributor to his feeling pulled in different directions. Yet he gave her a rose anyway.

Alright, enough about Michelle. There are other girls still around ...

Emily. "She's worth the fight." Good call, Brad.

Chantal. I go back and forth about what I think of her, but I loved their rainy zipline date. Although I do think her "I love you" to Brad at the cocktail party was a little premature.

Britt. I want her to have a chance.

Ashley. I'm okay with her going home soon and I was relieved her airtime was limited tonight.

Shawntel. I like her more and more all of the time.

Six left. Who do you want Brad to love?

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  1. I read this blog and took notes. :)

    Michelle's "creepy rain" was a backfire and I'm not sure how she thought the rain would ruin their date. Quite the contrary.

    I'm surprised there hasn't been more cat fights with Michelle. Pillow over mouth, anyone?

    Alli was friend material only for Brad. Their dinner date was awkward for me, though I felt no chemistry from the very beginning.

    He did not want to give Michelle that rose! He hesitated and looked incredibly pained. I'm surprised he didn't take a time out to call Jamie.

    Emily IS worth the fight!!

    Chantal did not look good at the cocktail party. I admire her for being forthcoming, but it might work against her next week. Although he did say it made his night.

    Britt looked like a fairy lats night.

    Ashley doesn't really exist in my mind. She seems manipulative in a less obnoxious way from Michelle. She also strikes me as a little fake.

    Shawntel is my second favorite after Emily. She makes me laught and I think she really puts him at ease.