Monday, January 24, 2011

helicopters and metaphors

[Previous ramblings about "The Bachelor" are here. If you are a sucker for the made-for-TV drama that may or may not make a relationship in the real world, join in the conversation in my comment section.]

I will not talk about Michelle. Or her magically appearing black eye. I will not talk about Michelle because she wants us to.

My observant friend Holly noticed Chantal and Brad got in a yellow helicopter and out of a silver one. Thanks to my DVR, I went back and looked, and it's true! What's up with that, producers? And Holly shared another funny helicopter-related observation during our running, texting commentary:

Chantal thinks she's special because she got picked up in a helicopter. Pretty sure that happens on EVERY episode of "The Bachelor."

Indeed. In fact, it happened again for Miss Black Eye later in this week's episode.

But back to Chantal's date ...

As cheesy as it is, I love the facing-your-fears-together storyline. "When you put yourself out there, a whole new world can be open to you." So true, Chantal. But let's remember, you're on "The Bachelor," so, yes, Brad is bonding with, kissing and planning picnics for other girls. Stop all the crying.

Brad seems to recognize that "The Bachelor" isn't the real world. When he gave Chantal a rose he talked about how he thinks about how their relationship could work in "the real world." Despite her quantity of tears, I think Chantal is around for awhile.

The interruptions are childish and unnecessary. Ashley H. is a vulture. Hey, Ash, you didn't "get" all that one-on-one time on that group date; you stole it, especially from Britt.

Speaking of Britt, she apparently doesn't eat of the food she supposedly writes about. But as a woman trying to win Brad's heart, she's growing on me. In fact, she's moved into my top three with Chantal and Emily.

Dear, Michelle - I know I said I wasn't going to talk about you. But I need to mention this: I thought you said you were here for Brad. You'd do anything for him. So just go down the building with him without the big scene, complete with cursing and threats of puking. Even my husband looked up from the magazine he was reading to shake his head at you and yell, "Fake." Your obnoxious, whiny ways aren't winning you any hearts in my house, so, please, stop talking.

Speaking of talking, Brad's therapist is back. And this comes after the group date involved Dr. Drew. I hope everyone now fully understands they have to truly open up in order to forge ahead with their relationships. Yes, vulnerability is hard, but it's the key to connecting with someone.

And, now, everyone, a collective "Awww ..." Yes, Brad missed Emily. Seems like there is more to come with that relationship next week.

I know there are other "The Bachelor" addicts out there. Maybe you aren't as public about your addiction as I am, but I know you're reading. So, tell me, who are your top three choices as this point?

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  1. I thought Michelle's breakdown was completely atrocious and ridiculous. And her obsession with needing to know where they were going was also fake. I don't like her.