Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Team Brad

Confession: I like to watch "The Bachelor."

And, if you really want me to be honest, I am a fan of Brad Womack. Who can blame him for not picking one of the two women left three years ago when he wasn't ready to commit? Yeah, OK, lots of America, apparently. Sure, he should have dealt with his commitment issues before he ever went on the show. But couldn't we all say we should have done this or could have done that first?

So, Brad's back.

And he said he's changed, thanks in part to a brokenness following his letting Jenni and Deanna go. Of course, there were three years of counseling. [His therapist testifying on his behalf in the early part of this week's episode was entertaining to me.]

What kind of world would we live in if people couldn't change?

They can.

Hopefully I can.

And I guess we'll watch and see if Brad changed.

I appreciated the Ashley [of course, there are multiple Ashleys ...] who said everybody has things from their past they wished they had done differently. Amen. But I do understand the hesitations from the women: Is he ready? Is he going to repeat his indecision?

But give the man a chance.

One of my favorite parts of watching "The Bachelor" [or "The Bachelorette," for that matter ...] is texting my commentary to Holly, which whom I share many interests, including but certainly not limited to Sonic drinks, detailed conversations, talking loudly, writing, playing cards, learning how to better trust God, and, of course, "The Bachelor." We may live hundreds of miles apart, but texting about reality TV brings us closer. Even when we watch on different nights.

While watching the episode that aired Monday night, I had plenty to text Holly. Here are some of my comments [in italics] followed by some additional comments. You know, because it's the most dramatic and controversial season of "The Bachelor." Ever.

"I don't want my package waxed at all." Ha!

Thanks, Raichel, for sharing your career in manscaping on national television. It was truly entertaining. Although I'm not sure Brad could say the same thing.

"I was once broken up with because he was looking for a more petite behind. ... Can you handle this?" Wow. Oh. Wow.

One of the girls totally said that. And where my ellipsis is, she was still talking while getting up and turning her backside to Brad, the guy she was trying to woo. Seriously.

Brad is asking about Madison's teeth! It's funny. "The girl has fangs. If that's her thing, fine. If it's a joke, take them off."

She totally has fangs. And likes vampires. Brad seemed annoyed by the whole thing, but he still mentioned fangs being hot. Um, no, Brad. Let the sweet Southern belle woo you instead.

That would be Emily. She's my favorite. She's Holly's favorite too, in case you were wondering.

Yes, I think I'll blog each week about the show. I can't promise I'll always watch it on Monday nights, but I can promise I'll watch. And comment. Your turn. Who else out there watches "The Bachelor"? What do you think of Brad returning?


  1. I will happily admit that I'm a big Bachelor/Bachelorette fan. I've gone to a friend's house on several occasions to watch season premieres and finales. Last year when they aired Jason and Molly's wedding I had some friends over for the big event.

    I will be watching a day behind this year since we just cancelled our tv service but I'm not really sure how I feel about Brad. I have to admit that was probably the only season I missed for some reason 3 years ago. I will also admit that I'm a fan of a website that tells all of the spoilers for this show...I just can't help myself!

  2. the similarities are definitely there and I must say I didn't read this before I wrote.

  3. I try to stay away from spoilers, only because I like to talk about different scenarios and what I hope happens.

    Jason and Molly are probably my favorite Bachelor/ette couple. They were all along, but it's especially sweet to see their story develop and actually transition into real life. When we were in New Zealand, we bungy jumped at the same place they did. :)