Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the piano is gone;
the couch is here

I watched "The Bachelor" last night while lounging on our new couch in our renovated basement that is being transformed into a TV/game room. Now I'm sitting on the same comfortable couch in what is likely to become my favorite corner watching Kentucky basketball.

Well, I was sitting in what is likely to become my favorite corner of the chocolate-colored sectional. Greg apparently wanted to try out that corner ... and who am I not to share? We may start racing down the newly carpeted stairs or playing Paper, Rock, Scissors for that corner.

The room is almost ready to show off. And, no worries, the built-in piano is gone. So is the paneling and basement smell.

Our goal was to have it ready to host NCAA Tournament-watching parties, so we're well ahead of that. All that's left is to haul off some trash, hang a few more pictures and a mop one more section of the newly tiled floor.

Speaking of mopping ...

Cate keeps calling it "mop-th-ing." Like mopping with an extra "th" sound in the middle. Regardless, she also keeps wanting to mop.

So Greg taught her how.

And then, of course, she wanted to do it herself.

Yes, there will be more pictures of our new room. Soon. But, for now, back to basketball.

1 comment:

  1. I'm disappointed with the lack of pictures, but the promise of more makes up for it. :)
    Cate's hair is long and beautiful!