Monday, February 14, 2011

'How do you not fall in love here?'

I want Chris Harrison's job. [Apparently, so does Holly!] He gets to narrate "The Bachelor" and travel to pretty places. Like Anguilla.

Now on to my episode babble ...

While flying away on a one-on-one date with Emily, Brad said he hopes his relationship with Emily "take off." Ha. Takes off. On a private island, I'm guessing that's a pretty good start. Although the private island looks a little more like a large sandbar. I'd take it, though.

All this talk about whether Brad will meet Emily's daughter if he goes to her hometown along with recent conversations with a friend who is interested in a guy who has two young kids has me thinking about dating and kids. First, it makes me thankful for my family of four situation. But, hypothetically, I get Emily's reservations about introducing a guy to her daughter. It's easy for a small child to get confused if people go in and out of their life. Kids don't get time and emotions.

Can I just say that I love that Brad "broke the rules" and told Emily she's getting a rose ... and hometown date.

Shawntel seems like she'd be fun to hang out with.

"How do you not fall in love here?" I was thinking the same thing, Shawntel. Seize the moment for sure.

I'm glad Britt is getting the third one-on-one date, but I'm not so sure all her make-up was necessary, especially on a beach vacation. Oh, there's Michelle. She's been quiet so far. After saying Brad was wasting the yacht on Britt and mentioning "Britt and Brad" were cute names together, Michelle made me laugh more than she made me cringe, for once: "Not only do I not see them getting married, but I don't even see him friending her on Facebook."

Um, did Britt wear lingerie to dinner? And I had no idea her hair was so long.

Brad's therapist needs to tell him that it's OK that he's not falling in love with everyone. Sure, Britt is sad, but he can't help if he doesn't have chemistry with everyone. And, really, why would he want there to be chemistry with all six girls left? That would just complicate his heart.

Ashley, Chantal and Michelle. Wow, what an emotional, intense combination for a group date. Brad woke them up to start their date in the dark, yet Chantal still put on a dress.

And that's the last time the girls actually put anything on. They ended up with less on for their photo shoots. And, emotionally, the three women shut down.

Next up, hometown dates for Ashley, Emily, Shawntel and Chantal. Finally. Michelle can go home now. Her exit [both the walk out and the limo ride] was the quietest she's been all season!

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