Friday, September 10, 2010

Rainy Friday

I've mentioned before both my love of summer and my yearning for the transition to fall. Today seems like that kind of in-between day. The sunshine is a dear friend of mine, but I am embracing this rainy day.

Our stroller exercise class that is usually outside was moved inside for the first time since we started in mid-June. I ran only drive-thru errands [three banks and a post office ...]. And I don't plan on leaving the house again today.

Some friends are coming over for taco soup, chocolate chip cookies and Settlers of Catan. That's a seriously perfect combination of friends, fun and food for a night like this. And I'm OK if the outside temperature doesn't reach the called-for 85 degrees.

And, OK, so I'm also hoping it's not the hot, humid 88 degrees indicated for tomorrow on The Weather Channel app on my iPhone. The predicted morning showers are fine. But I'd really like to have a cool, fall evening for Murray State's first home football game. My daughter really wants to see Racer One run around the track, so hopefully MSU manages to score too.

Until then, I'm going to enjoy the feel of fleece socks on my feet and the quietness of my kids soaking in the dreariness that is perfect for napping. Then I'm sure Ben will pull himself up to another window to watch the rain and Cate will lead her baby brother on another trail to discover their toys in new ways.

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  1. Okay, so that's where I was confused - MSU has their first HOME game tomorrow night, right?
    The kiddos are getting so big! Kiss their cheeks for me.