Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ah, September ...

Welcome, September.

I'm actually glad you're here. Your friends May, June, July and August are some of my favorite months. Yes, I love summer. But I'm ready for you. Change is good, right? Now that you're here, I'm happily rooting for jeans and jackets weather. But could the transition be gradually pleasant?

Candy corn is for sale in the stores. And, yes, Cate and I have already eaten a bag. Corn mazes are being advertised. I have Murray State's football schedule on my calendar.

These are the tastes, sights and sounds I love about you, September. At least the cool, fall version of you.

Sometimes just taking it all in is part of the journey, even if it means we have dirt and marker on our faces. Messy. And sweet. Just like that wad of bubble gum in Cate's mouth.

And this fall will be special because we have three road trips planned in the next five weeks. Yep, we're not trying to escape you, September, just enjoy you all over the Midwest. This weekend it's Chicago. In a couple weeks St. Louis. Then when your friend October comes, we're off to Branson, Mo.

Thank you, September, for a good first day with friends and a trolley ride. Three-fourths of this family also welcomed you, September, with haircut. My kids are happy about it. See them cuddling and laughing together in that top photo?

That laughter is sweet. And those smiles make my heart swell. Here's to more days filled with joy, September, to carry us into the fall and even the winter. Yes, September, you are all about transition and change. And while I hadn't been longing for you, I'm happy you're here.

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