Thursday, May 6, 2010

a 'charley' ride

At the library or across the street at the park, Cate often sees the local trolley, which she calls a "charley." Today we rode on it. For 25 cents.

Cate was free. Ben was free. My token was 25 cents. What a deal when it comes to entertainment for preschoolers! Noah, Emma, Luke and Norah (and Courtney and Jaclyn, of course!) rode with us. Together, it cost us all $1, total, to ride because Noah (who is 5) was the only kid who required a token.

Yes, I like a deal.

And entertainment for my birthday girl.


  1. What on earth did poor Noah do to his leg. He has a HUGE band-aid on it. His poor leg looks like Elijah's (covered in bandages).

  2. That looks so fun! And I can't believe how tall Emma looks, even sitting down.

  3. Angela: He tried to move a concrete block and dropped it...scraping his whole shin! Thankfully, he didn't drop it on his foot!!

    What a fun day! We'll definitely have to ride the "charley" again! :)