Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh, it's for Ben!

A friend brought over a present for Ben (because, sadly, she's moving away ...) and I decided to let Cate open it to see what she would do. And, to be honest, she surprised me with her enthusiasm.

Neatly rolled in the box were several outfits, including a St. Louis Cardinals jogging suit. Cate held them up one at a time, each time talking about how the pants, or shirt, or jacket were for Ben. And she was rather excited.

Today she was even telling someone about how she opened Ben's present and that he got some clothes.

So, here's to hoping she continues her enthusiasm when Ben actually arrives and isn't an imaginary baby we often discuss. And, speaking of which, the birth mom had a check-up appointment on Tuesday. At 33 1/2 weeks, Ben remained in-utero, which is the goal for at least several more weeks.

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  1. yah, Ben! I can't believe you're soooo close to being a mommy of two!!!!