Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday's Thought

Most mornings, I eat breakfast at the kitchen table with the lap top in front of me so I can e-mail, Facebook and read news. Yes, it's like the 2000's version of reading a newspaper while you drink your morning coffee. It works well for me, especially because I don't drink coffee or subscribe to a newspaper that comes in the morning.

Obviously, Cate has noticed my morning routine. Lately, she's been wanting to eat breakfast at the "little table." Today she insisted -- "Momma, help me get lap top. In toys box. In my room." -- that her lap top join her and her Eggo waffles.

Just because she's little doesn't mean she doesn't pay attention.


  1. That is ADORABLE and hilarious!!!! :)

  2. That is funny! It's shocking what they pick up on.