Sunday, April 19, 2009

And the birthday season continues ...

Cate got a birthday present in the mail on Friday. Her Aunt Christine is efficient (and early!) ...

Included was a gift card for a fish. We'll probably get her new pet tomorrow. Like I've told a few people this weekend, a fish is the ONLY pet allowed to be given to someone without prior approval (right, Shelley?!). And for as much as Cate loves fish, this is a great gift. (And she liked the bow too!)

Much of Friday was spent playing outside with friends. Some friends in the morning. Other friends in the evening. For such little girls, I'm so amazed at how high Cate and Malaika would swing. Cate had never swung on a regular swing until this swing set was assembled in our back yard.

The birthday season continues ... On Saturday we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate our friend Bryan's birthday. He turned 29.

Jaclyn and I wanted to commemorate the outing with a picture of the girls. You can read about what Jaclyn thought of her husband's birthday party over at her blog.

Cate really liked riding this horse ... and so did Greg! It was called the "KenChuckE Derby."

Cate took her hands off the wheel to give the dog a hug and really enjoyed smacking those sharks (?) down.


Tonight we had friends over to play inside games because the rain interfered with our outside party plans for Greg's birthday. He turns 31 on Wednesday. The only picture I took (of him blowing out his 3-1 candles) didn't turn out very well, so you'll just have to wait until our next party for more birthday pictures. No worries, though, I turn 30 and Cate turns 2 in the next two weeks.


  1. I think things are on course for another party on Wednesday lunch if "Hop-A-Long" is up to it. He can blow out some candles then.

  2. PTL you didn't get a BUNNY! lol
    I hope you have excellent luck with a fish. We didn't. Went through 3 before we read a little more about their needs and realized how complicated fish can be! We were suckers. We felt committed and guilty after the deaths of 3 pets. So then we went for the 10 gallon tank w/ minimal accessories and allowed our tank to be overrun with guppies and snails for awhile - ACK :). Edward thought it was cool to see all the baby snails and guppies! Genevieve never bothered much with them. Now we have a tame tank with minimal requirements and also minimal fun... But seriously, my recommendation? Go to Toys R Us and get Sea Monkeys!!! No fuss, no guilt, short-term commitment :) Think of it as a training exercise for your family!

  3. at this point, i would say NO to even a poor little fish!!! I'm seriously contemplating putting a for sale sign on KC at our garage sale this weekend.